Tea Nespresso® compatible

We would like to introduce our brand new and the most hassle-free tea brewing method yet - tea Nespresso® which is compatible with OriginalLine brewing machines. Tea capsules are not only a very convenient and virtually mess-free way to make a cup of tea, they also reduce brewing time by 90% and extract tea just in seconds which is perfect for extremely busy individuals or very impatient tea addicts. This is great news for tea lovers - a cup of fragrant paradise is now just the push of a button away. Each tea capsule provides a single serving of tea and brews even better taste and aroma you expect from a conventional tea bag. The quality of our product is an utmost priority for us. Therefore, every single tea capsule is thoroughly inspected before being packaged by hand. Our tea pods are 100% compostable and biodegradable.  Check our article and video "How to brew tea in capsules".